Advanced Doctrine Audio Course

    Before you begin your study, be sure you are in fellowship with God and filled with the Holy Spirit by naming your sins privately to God the Father.
“If we confess our [known] sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our [known] sins and to cleanse us from all [unknown, or forgotten sins] unrighteousness.” (1 John 1:9)
You will then be in fellowship with God, filled with the Holy Spirit, and ready to learn Bible Doctrine from the Word of God.
“God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in [the filling of the] spirit and [biblical] truth.” (John 4:24)
    Comprehension of the Word of God is a gift that can only be appropriated by grace orientation to the teaching ministry of God the Holy Spirit.
“But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, . . . He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things” (Matthew 18:3)
For the Word [of God] is very near you, in your mouth and in your heart [inner core], that you may do it.Deuteronomy 30:14

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CategoryDoctrinal SubjectPastor-TeacherFormat# of Lessons
CategoryDoctrinal SubjectPastor-TeacherFormat# of Lessons
Angelology Angelology Andy Woods MP3 Audio, Video 34 
Angels, Satan, and Demons Angelic Conflict Drue Freeman MP3 Audio, Video 44 
Angels, Satan, and Demons Angelic Conflict Robert L. Dean, Jr. MP3 Audio, Video 24 
Angels, Satan, and Demons Angelic Conflict, Creation, and Dispensations Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Angels, Satan, and Demons Angels JB Bond MP3 Audio 24 
Angels, Satan, and Demons Angels Robert H. Kreger MP3 Audio 5 [18-22] 
Angels, Satan, and Demons Demonic Intrusion Merrill F. Unger MP3 Audio 
Angels, Satan, and Demons Demonology Curtis Hutson MP3 Audio 10 
Apologetics Apologetics Gary Glenney MP3 Audio 120 
Bible Study Method Bible and Bible Study Methods J. B. Hixson MP3 Audio 32 
Bible Survey Through The Bible Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 250 
Bibliology Ezra and the Close of the Old Testament Canon Ken Johnson Video 
Bibliology How Did We Get the Greek New Testament? David Baugh MP3 Audio 
Bibliology How the Canon of the New Testament was Determined Bruce M. Metzger MP3 Audio 
Bibliology Origin and Importance of the Bible Robert H. Kreger MP3 Audio 2 [1-2] 
Bibliology The Bible Arnold Fruchtenbaum MP3 Audio 
Bibliology The Bible Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 11 [10-20] 
Bibliology The Bible and Dispensationalism Charles C. Ryrie MP3 Audio, Video 
Bibliology The Blood Sprinkled Book Al Lacy MP3 Audio 
Bibliology The Origin and the Preservation of the Bible Charles T. Fritsch MP3 Audio 
Bibliology The Translation of the Bible Bruce M. Metzger MP3 Audio 
Charismatology Body-Building: A Look at the Spiritual Gifts J. Dwight Pentecost MP3 Audio 18 
Charismatology Gifts, Ministries, and Effects Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 13 
Charismatology Intermediate Charismatology Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Charismatology Spiritual Gifts J. Dwight Pentecost MP3 Audio 
Charismatology Spiritual Gifts Robert H. Kreger MP3 Audio 3 [13-15] 
Charismatology Spiritual Gifts Ron Adema MP3 Audio 
Charismatology The Bible and Physical Healing Merrill F. Unger MP3 Audio 
Charismatology The Gifts of the Spirit Merrill F. Unger MP3 Audio 
Christian Survey Christian Faith S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 12 
Christian Way of Life Acting Responsibly Danny Castle MP3 Audio, Video 
Christian Way of Life Anchor of the Soul Gene Cunningham MP3 Audio 
Christian Way of Life Biblical Worship Allen P. Ross MP3 Audio 
Christian Way of Life Boast Not Thyself Harry A. Ironside MP3 Audio 
Christian Way of Life Christian Living Chester A. McCalley MP3 Audio 50 
Christian Way of Life Christian Responsibility Robert H. Kreger MP3 Audio 23 
Christian Way of Life Confidence in Crisis R. B. Thieme, Jr. MP3 Audio 22 
Christian Way of Life Discernment Mike Smith MP3 Audio 117 
Christian Way of Life Divine Discipline Drue Freeman MP3 Audio 
Christian Way of Life Eternal Rewards Drue Freeman MP3 Audio 19 
Christian Way of Life Faith, Hope, and Love Drue Freeman MP3 Audio 
Christian Way of Life Faith-Rest Drill Jeremy Thomas MP3 Audio 
Christian Way of Life Faith-Rest Drill: Learning to Trust God Robert L. Dean, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Christian Way of Life Grace and Truth Robert H. Kreger MP3 Audio 12 
Christian Way of Life Grace Orientation in Testing Rick Hughes [Evangelist] MP3 Audio 
Christian Way of Life Identifying the Lures of Evil Drue Freeman MP3 Audio 
Christian Way of Life Personal Responsibility Chester A. McCalley MP3 Audio 3 [23-25] 
Christian Way of Life Prayer Robert L. Dean, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Christian Way of Life Rebound William E. Wenstrom, Jr. MP3 Audio 11 
Christian Way of Life Renovate Your Thinking R. B. Thieme III MP3 Audio 
Christian Way of Life Spirituality Rick Hughes [Evangelist] MP3 Audio 
Christian Way of Life Spiritual Life Lewis Sperry Chafer MP3 Audio 16 
Christian Way of Life Spiritual Life Mark R. Perkins MP3 Audio 71 
Christian Way of Life Spiritual Weapons Robert H. Kreger MP3 Audio 2 [26-27] 
Christian Way of Life Temptation JB Bond MP3 Audio 26 
Christian Way of Life Testing through Suffering Rick Hughes [Evangelist] MP3 Audio 
Christian Way of Life The Beauty of Community Mark L. Bailey Video 
Christian Way of Life The Christian Life: How to Really Live J. Dwight Pentecost MP3 Audio 15 
Christian Way of Life The Conventional Christian Rick Hughes [Evangelist] MP3 Audio 
Christian Way of Life The Importance of Scripture Rick Hughes [Evangelist] MP3 Audio 
Christian Way of Life Worship Daniel Curtis Inghram MP3 Audio 25 
Christmas Messiah Robert L. Dean, Jr. MP3 Audio, Video 
Christology Ascension and Session of Christ Robert L. Dean, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Christology Christology S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 18 
Christology It is Still the Blood That Cleanses All Sin Bob Gray Sr. MP3 Audio 
Christology Kenosis and the Hypostatic Union of Jesus Christ Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Christology Life of Christ Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 479 
Christology Life of Christ S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Christology Sufficient is the Lamb Jack Hyles MP3 Audio 
Christology The Birthing of the Humanity of Jesus Christ and the Beginning of the Hypostatic Union Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 7 [78-85] 
Christology The Blood of Christ Tom Adams MP3 Audio 
Christology The Blood of Jesus William (Billy) F. Graham, Jr. [Evangelist] Video 
Christology The Blood of the Lamb Jack Hyles MP3 Audio 
Christology The Ministry of Jesus Christ JB Bond MP3 Audio 19 
Christology The Necessity of Christ’s Death S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Christology The Significance of the Blood Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Christology The Suffering Savior S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 39 
Christology What Has Christ Done Mark G. Cambron MP3 Audio 
Christology When I See the Blood Max D. Younce MP3 Audio 10 
Christology Who is Jesus? Mark G. Cambron MP3 Audio 
Christology Who Was Jesus Christ S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Courtship, Marriage, and Family Child Rearing Joe Griffin MP3 Audio 25 
Courtship, Marriage, and Family Dating, Sex, and Relationships JB Bond MP3 Audio 
Courtship, Marriage, and Family Four Divine Institutions Drue Freeman MP3 Audio +24 
Courtship, Marriage, and Family God's Purpose for Sex Howard Hendricks MP3 Audio 
Courtship, Marriage, and Family It's a Wonderful Life (Marriage) Joe Griffin MP3 Audio 46 
Courtship, Marriage, and Family Marriage Mark R. Perkins MP3 Audio 65 
Courtship, Marriage, and Family Marriage Life Joe Griffin MP3 Audio 
Courtship, Marriage, and Family Role and Responsibility of the Husband Howard Hendricks MP3 Audio 
Courtship, Marriage, and Family Role and Responsibility of the Wife Howard Hendricks MP3 Audio 
Courtship, Marriage, and Family The Anatomy of a Father Howard Hendricks MP3 Audio 
Courtship, Marriage, and Family Training Children JB Bond MP3 Audio 
Creation Creation Joe Griffin MP3 Audio 41 
Creation Creation Robert H. Kreger MP3 Audio 
Creation Creation Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 7 [36-42] 
Creation Creation, Dispensations, and Angelic Conflict Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Creation Origins JB Bond MP3 Audio 14 
Cults and False Religions Cults JB Bond MP3 Audio 30 
Cults and False Religions Cults in America Lefferts A. Loetscher MP3 Audio 
Demonology Demonology Curtis Hutson MP3 Audio 10 
Discipleship 4:12 Foundations JB Bond MP3 Audio 14 
Discipleship Discipleship JB Bond MP3 Audio 14 
Discipleship Salvation & Discipleship JB Bond MP3 Audio 
Divine Outline of History Dispensational Clarification of the Church's Identity & Purpose in History Charles Clough MP3 Audio 
Divine Outline of History Dispensations, Creation, and Angelic Conflict Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Divine Outline of History God's Plan for the Ages S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 28 
Divine Outline of History God's Plan for the Ages - Dispensations Robert L. Dean, Jr. MP3 Audio, Video 36 
Divine Outline of History Israel Daniel Curtis Inghram MP3 Audio 25 
Divine Outline of History Major Bible Themes Cliff Beveridge MP3 Audio 218 
Divine Outline of History Progressive Revelation Drue Freeman MP3 Audio 31 
Divine Outline of History The Church Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Divine Outline of History The Dispensations Tom Adams MP3 Audio 
Divine Outline of History The Plan of God Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 17 
Divine Outline of History Times of the Gentiles Tony Garland MP3 Audio 
Ecclesiology Christ and the Church JB Bond MP3 Audio 11 
Ecclesiology Commandments for the Church Cliff Beveridge MP3 Audio 68 
Ecclesiology Ecclesiology Andy Woods MP3 Audio, Video 36 
Ecclesiology Ecclesiology S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Ecclesiology Importance of the Local Church Daniel Curtis Inghram MP3 Audio 10 
Ecclesiology Mystery Doctrine Tommy Ice MP3 Audio, Video 
Ecclesiology The Church Charles Clough MP3 Audio 74 
Ecclesiology The Church Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 10 [62-71] 
Ecclesiology The Church Steve Lewis MP3 Audio 
Ecclesiology The Lord's Supper S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Eschatology 2 Thessalonians 2:3a - Spiritual Apostasy? Or Rapture? Andy Woods MP3 Audio, Video 
Eschatology Bible and End Time Events Robert H. Kreger MP3 Audio 2 [6-7] 
Eschatology End Times by the Ancient Church Fathers Ken Johnson Video 
Eschatology Eschatology Cliff Beveridge MP3 Audio 88 
Eschatology Eschatology Dennis Waltemeyer MP3 Audio 63 
Eschatology Eschatology Earl Radmacher MP3 Audio 19 
Eschatology Fullness of Times Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Eschatology Israel's National Repentance - Ushering in the New Kingdom John Niemela MP3 Audio 
Eschatology Last Things Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 10 [72-81] 
Eschatology Major Prophetic Passages Jeremy Thomas MP3 Audio 70 
Eschatology Revelation 5, the Twenty-Four Elders, and the Rapture John Niemela MP3 Audio, Video 
Eschatology The Blessed Hope John F. Walvoord MP3 Audio 12 
Eschatology The Pre-Trib Rapture - Revelation 3:21 and 4:4 John Niemela MP3 Audio 
Eschatology The Rapture Andy Woods MP3 Audio, Video +22 
Eschatology The Rapture Dennis Waltemeyer MP3 Audio 11 [46-56] 
Eschatology The Rapture John F. Walvoord MP3 Audio 
Eschatology The Rapture [Revisited] John F. Walvoord MP3 Audio 
Eschatology Three Battles For Jerusalem [During the Tribulation] Jeremy Thomas MP3 Audio 
Eschatology United States in Prophecy Ron Snider MP3 Audio 226 
Evangelism Evangelism JB Bond MP3 Audio 
Evangelism Witnessing Gary Glenney MP3 Audio 
Greek Canon Commands in Romans Drue Freeman MP3 Audio 63 
Greek Canon Disharmony of Paul's Epistles Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 11 
Greek Canon Introduction to the New Testament Ron Snider MP3 Audio 
Greek Canon New Testament Overview Daniel Curtis Inghram MP3 Audio 50 
Greek Canon Parables of Jesus Chester A. McCalley MP3 Audio 25 
Greek Canon The Seven Churches of Revelation Drue Freeman MP3 Audio 10 
Greek Canon Book 1 Corinthians Herman Mattox MP3 Audio +375 
Greek Canon Book 1 Corinthians JB Bond MP3 Audio 73 
Greek Canon Book 1 Corinthians Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 693 
Greek Canon Book 1 Corinthians S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 54 
Greek Canon Book 1 John Chester A. McCalley MP3 Audio 21 
Greek Canon Book 1 John Cliff Beveridge MP3 Audio 74 
Greek Canon Book 1 John S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 26 
Greek Canon Book 1 John William E. Wenstrom, Jr. MP3 Audio 207 
Greek Canon Book 1 Peter Chester A. McCalley MP3 Audio 16 
Greek Canon Book 1 Peter Cliff Beveridge MP3 Audio 144 
Greek Canon Book 1 Peter JB Bond MP3 Audio 23 
Greek Canon Book 1 Thessalonians Daniel Curtis Inghram MP3 Audio 75 
Greek Canon Book 1 Thessalonians Gary Glenney MP3 Audio 96 
Greek Canon Book 1 Thessalonians JB Bond MP3 Audio 11 
Greek Canon Book 1 Thessalonians William E. Wenstrom, Jr. MP3 Audio, Video +88 
Greek Canon Book 1 Timothy JB Bond MP3 Audio 31 
Greek Canon Book 1 Timothy Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 55 
Greek Canon Book 1 Timothy Ron Snider MP3 Audio 210 
Greek Canon Book 1 Timothy S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 16 
Greek Canon Book 2 Corinthians Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 481 
Greek Canon Book 2 Corinthians S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 37 
Greek Canon Book 2 John Robert L. Dean, Jr. MP3 Audio 17 
Greek Canon Book 2 John S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Greek Canon Book 2 Peter Andy Woods MP3 Audio, Video 17 
Greek Canon Book 2 Peter Cliff Beveridge MP3 Audio 109 
Greek Canon Book 2 Peter JB Bond MP3 Audio 16 
Greek Canon Book 2 Peter S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 10 
Greek Canon Book 2 Thessalonians David Roseland MP3 Audio 34 
Greek Canon Book 2 Thessalonians JB Bond MP3 Audio, Video 
Greek Canon Book 2 Timothy JB Bond MP3 Audio, Video 23 
Greek Canon Book 2 Timothy Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 33 
Greek Canon Book 3 John Robert L. Dean, Jr. MP3 Audio 24 
Greek Canon Book 3 John S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Greek Canon Book Acts Chester A. McCalley MP3 Audio 95 
Greek Canon Book Acts Daniel Curtis Inghram MP3 Audio 292 
Greek Canon Book Acts David Farnell MP3 Audio +64 
Greek Canon Book Acts JB Bond MP3 Audio, Video 55 
Greek Canon Book Acts S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 58 
Greek Canon Book Colossians Cliff Beveridge MP3 Audio 91 
Greek Canon Book Colossians Drue Freeman MP3 Audio 45 
Greek Canon Book Colossians Herman Mattox MP3 Audio 137 
Greek Canon Book Colossians JB Bond MP3 Audio 26 
Greek Canon Book Colossians Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio +87 
Greek Canon Book Colossians S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 16 
Greek Canon Book Colossians William E. Wenstrom, Jr. MP3 Audio, Video 122 
Greek Canon Book Ephesians David Farnell MP3 Audio 84 
Greek Canon Book Ephesians Drue Freeman MP3 Audio 59 
Greek Canon Book Ephesians James H. Rickard MP3 Audio 461 
Greek Canon Book Ephesians JB Bond MP3 Audio 38 
Greek Canon Book Ephesians Ron Snider MP3 Audio +290 
Greek Canon Book Ephesians S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 18 
Greek Canon Book Galatians Daniel Curtis Inghram MP3 Audio 98 
Greek Canon Book Galatians Herman Mattox MP3 Audio 46 
Greek Canon Book Galatians JB Bond MP3 Audio, Video 27 
Greek Canon Book Galatians Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 230 
Greek Canon Book Galatians S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 16 
Greek Canon Book Hebrews Drue Freeman MP3 Audio 118 
Greek Canon Book Hebrews JB Bond MP3 Audio 66 
Greek Canon Book Hebrews Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 153 
Greek Canon Book Hebrews Robert L. Dean, Jr. MP3 Audio, Video 217 
Greek Canon Book Hebrews S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 50 
Greek Canon Book James Chester A. McCalley MP3 Audio 15 
Greek Canon Book James Cliff Beveridge MP3 Audio 58 
Greek Canon Book James Daniel Curtis Inghram MP3 Audio 143 
Greek Canon Book James JB Bond MP3 Audio 21 
Greek Canon Book John JB Bond MP3 Audio, Video 91 
Greek Canon Book John Robert L. Dean, Jr. MP3 Audio 117 
Greek Canon Book John S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 87 
Greek Canon Book Jude Drue Freeman MP3 Audio 27 
Greek Canon Book Jude JB Bond MP3 Audio 15 
Greek Canon Book Jude John F. Walvoord MP3 Audio 
Greek Canon Book Jude S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Greek Canon Book Luke JB Bond MP3 Audio 98 
Greek Canon Book Luke Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 479 
Greek Canon Book Mark Chester A. McCalley MP3 Audio 43 
Greek Canon Book Mark JB Bond MP3 Audio 56 
Greek Canon Book Mark Ron Snider MP3 Audio 859 
Greek Canon Book Matthew JB Bond MP3 Audio 97 
Greek Canon Book Matthew JB Bond MP3 Audio, Video +74 
Greek Canon Book Matthew Jeremy Thomas MP3 Audio 114 
Greek Canon Book Matthew Robert L. Dean, Jr. MP3 Audio, Video 207 
Greek Canon Book Matthew S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 100 
Greek Canon Book Philemon Gary Glenney MP3 Audio 13 
Greek Canon Book Philemon JB Bond MP3 Audio 
Greek Canon Book Philemon S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Greek Canon Book Philippians Daniel Curtis Inghram MP3 Audio 225 
Greek Canon Book Philippians JB Bond MP3 Audio 26 
Greek Canon Book Philippians Robert H. Kreger MP3 Audio 302 
Greek Canon Book Philippians Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 207 
Greek Canon Book Revelation Andy Woods MP3 Audio 75 
Greek Canon Book Revelation Chester A. McCalley MP3 Audio 75 
Greek Canon Book Revelation Drue Freeman MP3 Audio +49 
Greek Canon Book Revelation JB Bond MP3 Audio 39 
Greek Canon Book Revelation John F. Walvoord MP3 Audio 28 
Greek Canon Book Revelation Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 31 
Greek Canon Book Revelation Ron Snider MP3 Audio 395 
Greek Canon Book Revelation S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 49 
Greek Canon Book Romans JB Bond MP3 Audio 75 
Greek Canon Book Romans Jeremy Thomas MP3 Audio 100 
Greek Canon Book Romans Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 165 
Greek Canon Book Romans Ron Snider MP3 Audio 820 
Greek Canon Book Romans S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 51 
Greek Canon Book Titus Drue Freeman MP3 Audio 68 
Greek Canon Book Titus JB Bond MP3 Audio, Video 13 
Greek Canon Book Titus S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Hamartiology Sin Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 7 [43-49] 
Heaven and Hell Spiritual Places Robert H. Kreger MP3 Audio 4 [15-18] 
Hebrew Canon Minor Prophets Cliff Beveridge MP3 Audio 53 
Hebrew Canon Minor Prophets Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 49 
Hebrew Canon Old Testament Overview Daniel Curtis Inghram MP3 Audio 50 
Hebrew Canon The Twelve Latter Prophets Daniel Curtis Inghram MP3 Audio 76 
Hebrew Canon Book 1 Chronicles J. Vernon McGee MP3 Audio 23 
Hebrew Canon Book 1 Kings Daniel Curtis Inghram MP3 Audio 26 
Hebrew Canon Book 1 Kings JB Bond MP3 Audio 19 
Hebrew Canon Book 1 Samuel Daniel Curtis Inghram MP3 Audio 46 
Hebrew Canon Book 1 Samuel JB Bond MP3 Audio 35 
Hebrew Canon Book 1 Samuel Robert L. Dean, Jr. MP3 Audio, Video 104 
Hebrew Canon Book 2 Chronicles J. Vernon McGee MP3 Audio 37 
Hebrew Canon Book 2 Kings Daniel Curtis Inghram MP3 Audio 24 
Hebrew Canon Book 2 Samuel Daniel Curtis Inghram MP3 Audio 27 
Hebrew Canon Book 2 Samuel JB Bond MP3 Audio 35 
Hebrew Canon Book 2 Samuel Robert L. Dean, Jr. MP3 Audio, Video +112 
Hebrew Canon Book Amos Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Hebrew Canon Book Amos S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 14 
Hebrew Canon Book Daniel Andy Woods MP3 Audio, Video 63 
Hebrew Canon Book Daniel Chester A. McCalley MP3 Audio 27 
Hebrew Canon Book Daniel Daniel Curtis Inghram MP3 Audio 23 
Hebrew Canon Book Daniel JB Bond MP3 Audio, Video 27 
Hebrew Canon Book Daniel John F. Walvoord MP3 Audio 12 
Hebrew Canon Book Daniel Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 20 
Hebrew Canon Book Daniel S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 16 
Hebrew Canon Book Deuteronomy J. Vernon McGee MP3 Audio 34 
Hebrew Canon Book Ecclesiastes David Roseland MP3 Audio 48 
Hebrew Canon Book Ecclesiastes Jeremy Thomas MP3 Audio 24 
Hebrew Canon Book Ecclesiastes Ron Snider MP3 Audio 350 
Hebrew Canon Book Esther Chester A. McCalley MP3 Audio 11 
Hebrew Canon Book Esther JB Bond MP3 Audio, Video 12 
Hebrew Canon Book Exodus Daniel Curtis Inghram MP3 Audio 94 
Hebrew Canon Book Exodus Dennis Waltemeyer MP3 Audio 53 
Hebrew Canon Book Exodus JB Bond MP3 Audio 43 
Hebrew Canon Book Ezekiel Chester A. McCalley MP3 Audio 47 
Hebrew Canon Book Ezra Daniel Curtis Inghram MP3 Audio 11 
Hebrew Canon Book Genesis Andy Woods MP3 Audio, Video +9 
Hebrew Canon Book Genesis Chester A. McCalley MP3 Audio 84 
Hebrew Canon Book Genesis Cliff Beveridge MP3 Audio 57 
Hebrew Canon Book Genesis Daniel Curtis Inghram MP3 Audio 175 
Hebrew Canon Book Genesis JB Bond MP3 Audio 91 
Hebrew Canon Book Genesis Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio +5 
Hebrew Canon Book Genesis Robert L. Dean, Jr. MP3 Audio 177 
Hebrew Canon Book Genesis S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 67 
Hebrew Canon Book Habakkuk Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Hebrew Canon Book Habakkuk S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Hebrew Canon Book Haggai Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Hebrew Canon Book Haggai S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Hebrew Canon Book Hosea Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Hebrew Canon Book Hosea S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 16 
Hebrew Canon Book Isaiah Chester A. McCalley MP3 Audio 59 
Hebrew Canon Book Isaiah Dennis Waltemeyer MP3 Audio, Video +64 
Hebrew Canon Book Isaiah Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 66 
Hebrew Canon Book Isaiah S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 46 
Hebrew Canon Book Jeremiah Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 52 
Hebrew Canon Book Job Chester A. McCalley MP3 Audio 23 
Hebrew Canon Book Job Daniel Curtis Inghram MP3 Audio +25 
Hebrew Canon Book Job J. Vernon McGee MP3 Audio 42 
Hebrew Canon Book Job Ron Adema MP3 Audio 19 
Hebrew Canon Book Joel Gary Glenney MP3 Audio 27 
Hebrew Canon Book Joel Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Hebrew Canon Book Joel S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Hebrew Canon Book Jonah JB Bond MP3 Audio, Video 
Hebrew Canon Book Jonah Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Hebrew Canon Book Jonah Ron Snider MP3 Audio 42 
Hebrew Canon Book Jonah S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Hebrew Canon Book Joshua Daniel Curtis Inghram MP3 Audio 107 
Hebrew Canon Book Joshua J. Vernon McGee MP3 Audio 25 
Hebrew Canon Book Judges Daniel Curtis Inghram MP3 Audio 83 
Hebrew Canon Book Lamentations Chester A. McCalley MP3 Audio 
Hebrew Canon Book Leviticus Dan Krah MP3 Audio 29 
Hebrew Canon Book Leviticus J. Vernon McGee MP3 Audio 28 
Hebrew Canon Book Malachi Gary Glenney MP3 Audio 35 
Hebrew Canon Book Malachi Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Hebrew Canon Book Malachi S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Hebrew Canon Book Micah Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Hebrew Canon Book Micah S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 18 
Hebrew Canon Book Nahum Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Hebrew Canon Book Nahum Ron Snider MP3 Audio 37 
Hebrew Canon Book Nehemiah Daniel Curtis Inghram MP3 Audio 13 
Hebrew Canon Book Nehemiah JB Bond MP3 Audio 18 
Hebrew Canon Book Numbers Chester A. McCalley MP3 Audio 21 
Hebrew Canon Book Numbers Daniel Curtis Inghram MP3 Audio 36 
Hebrew Canon Book Numbers J. Dwight Pentecost MP3 Audio 
Hebrew Canon Book Numbers J. Vernon McGee MP3 Audio 37 
Hebrew Canon Book Obadiah Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Hebrew Canon Book Obadiah S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Hebrew Canon Book Proverbs Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio +272 
Hebrew Canon Book Psalm 119 Drue Freeman MP3 Audio 23 
Hebrew Canon Book Psalm 119 Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 29 
Hebrew Canon Book Psalms Chester A. McCalley MP3 Audio 89 
Hebrew Canon Book Psalms J. Vernon McGee MP3 Audio 137 
Hebrew Canon Book Psalms RK Lyon MP3 Audio +1 
Hebrew Canon Book Ruth Daniel Curtis Inghram MP3 Audio 27 
Hebrew Canon Book Ruth JB Bond MP3 Audio, Video 
Hebrew Canon Book Song of Solomon Joe Griffin MP3 Audio 209 
Hebrew Canon Book Song of Solomon J. Vernon McGee MP3 Audio 
Hebrew Canon Book Zechariah Daniel Curtis Inghram MP3 Audio 47 
Hebrew Canon Book Zechariah Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Hebrew Canon Book Zechariah S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 20 
Hebrew Canon Book Zephaniah Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Hebrew Canon Book Zephaniah William E. Wenstrom, Jr. MP3 Audio, Video 96 
Hermeneutics Bible and Bible Study Methods J. B. Hixson MP3 Audio 32 
Hermeneutics Biblical Interpretation Chester A. McCalley MP3 Audio 14 
Hermeneutics Hermeneutics Dennis Waltemeyer MP3 Audio 7 [1-7] 
Hermeneutics Hermeneutics Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 
Hermeneutics Literary Genre and the Artistry of the Biblical Narrative and Biblical Poetry Mark McGinniss MP3 Audio, Video 
Hermeneutics Principles of Biblical Interpretation JB Bond MP3 Audio 11 
Hermeneutics Rightly Dividing the Word Gene Cunningham MP3 Audio 
Hermeneutics Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth Robert H. Kreger MP3 Audio 32 
History After the Flood [Genealogies, Dates, and Events from Creation up to the Exodus] Ken Johnson Video 
History Babel – Implications and Evidence of Early Advanced Culture Ray Mondragon MP3 Audio, Video 
History Babylonianism Drue Freeman MP3 Audio 15 
History Birth of Christ Robert L. Dean, Jr. MP3 Audio, Video 
History Chronology of the Life of Christ Ron Snider MP3 Audio 
History Church History Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 19 
History History of Christianity Robert L. Dean, Jr. MP3 Audio 
History Intertestamental Period Jeremy Thomas MP3 Audio 
History Israel Daniel Curtis Inghram MP3 Audio 25 
History Protestant Reformation Andy Woods MP3 Audio, Video 14 
History Resurrection and the Gospel Robert L. Dean, Jr. MP3 Audio, Video 
History The History of Dispensational Theology Tommy Ice MP3 Audio, Video 
History Theological Method and John Nelson Darby David Roseland MP3 Audio, Video 
History, Geography Caesarea Todd M. Fink Video 
History, Geography Exodus Route, Red Sea Crossing, and Mount Sinai Todd M. Fink Video 
History, Geography Original Temple & Temple Mount Location Todd M. Fink Video 
History, Geography Sodom and Gomorrah Todd M. Fink Video 
Israelology Day of Atonement Chester A. McCalley MP3 Audio 
Israelology Israel Daniel Curtis Inghram MP3 Audio 25 
Israelology The Covenants Dennis Waltemeyer MP3 Audio 5 [41-45] 
Israelology The Remnant of Israel William E. Wenstrom, Jr. MP3 Audio, Video 17 
Jesus' Teachings John 11:25-27 - The Resurrection and the Life Bob Wilkin MP3 Audio 
Jesus' Teachings Luke 13:1-5 - Repentance Zane C. Hodges MP3 Audio 
Jesus' Teachings Luke 15:11-32 - The Parable of the Lost [Prodigal] Son Zane C. Hodges MP3 Audio 
Jesus' Teachings Luke 15:4-7 - The Parable of the Lost Sheep Zane C. Hodges MP3 Audio 
Jesus' Teachings Luke 15:8-10 - The Parable of the Lost Coin Zane C. Hodges MP3 Audio 
Jesus' Teachings Luke 19:1-10, 11-27 - Zacchaeus the Tax Collector; The Parable of the Minas Zane C. Hodges MP3 Audio 
Jesus' Teachings Luke 8:4-15 - The Parable of the Sower and the Four Soils Bob Wilkin MP3 Audio 
Jesus' Teachings Luke 8:4-15 - The Parable of the Sower and the Four Soils Zane C. Hodges MP3 Audio 
Jesus' Teachings Mark 16:16 - Believe and Be Baptized Zane C. Hodges MP3 Audio 
Jesus' Teachings Matthew 22:1-14 - The Parable of the Wedding Feast Zane C. Hodges MP3 Audio 
Jesus' Teachings Matthew 24:45-51 - The Parable of the Just and Unjust Servant Zane C. Hodges MP3 Audio 
Jesus' Teachings Matthew 24 and 25 - Introduction to the Olivet Discourse Zane C. Hodges MP3 Audio 
Jesus' Teachings Matthew 25:1-13 - The Parable of the Ten Virgins Zane C. Hodges MP3 Audio 
Jesus' Teachings Matthew 25:14-30 - The Parable of the Talents Zane C. Hodges MP3 Audio 
Jesus' Teachings Matthew 25:31-46 - The Parable of the Judgment of the Sheep and the Goats Zane C. Hodges MP3 Audio 
Jesus' Teachings Matthew 7:15-20 - By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them Zane C. Hodges MP3 Audio 
Jesus' Teachings Matthew 7:21-23 - Have We Not Done Many Wonders In Your Name Bob Wilkin MP3 Audio 
Jesus' Teachings Matthew 8:10-12 - The Outer Darkness Zane C. Hodges MP3 Audio 
Jesus' Teachings Matthew 8:5-13 - The Centurion's Faith and The Outer Darkness Zane C. Hodges MP3 Audio 
Jesus' Teachings The Olivet Discourse Drue Freeman MP3 Audio +11 
Kingdom The Coming Kingdom Andy Woods MP3 Audio, Video 84 
Military and the National Entity Biblical Framework for Economics Robert L. Dean, Jr. MP3 Audio, Video 10 
Military and the National Entity Decision Making in the Voting Booth Robert L. Dean, Jr. MP3 Audio, Video 
Ministry Understanding Ministry JB Bond MP3 Audio 11 
Occult Sorcery / Paganism Ken Johnson Video 
People Antichrist: Who, Where, When and Why Amir Tsarfati Video 
People Daniel 11 and the Origin of the Antichrist Ken Johnson Video 
People Elijah the Prophet S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 
People John the Baptist JB Bond MP3 Audio 14 
People Life of Abraham J. Dwight Pentecost MP3 Audio 20 
People Life of David Cliff Beveridge MP3 Audio +60 
People Life of David JB Bond MP3 Audio 22 
People Life of David Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 137 
People Life of Joseph Cliff Beveridge MP3 Audio 48 
People Solomon's Reversionism Joe Griffin MP3 Audio 36 
People The Assyrian Antichrist Ken Johnson Video 
Pneumatology The Holy Spirit JB Bond MP3 Audio 14 
Pneumatology The Restrainer [2 Thessalonians 2:7] Amir Tsarfati Video 
Pneumatology The Restraining Work of the Holy Spirit Tom Adams MP3 Audio 
Prophecy Biblical Prophecy Tom Adams MP3 Audio 
Prophecy Prophecy Drue Freeman MP3 Audio 48 
Prophecy Recently Fulfilled Prophecy Ken Johnson Video 
Prophecy The Importance of Bible Prophecy Charles C. Ryrie MP3 Audio, Video 
Signs, Symbols, and Typology Gospel in the Stars Gary Glenney MP3 Audio 20 
Signs, Symbols, and Typology The Ten Horns Ken Johnson Video 
Signs, Symbols, and Typology Typology of Leviticus S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 12 
Soteriology Caught Between Grace and Works Ralph “Yankee” Arnold MP3 Audio 
Soteriology Grace Gospel Mark Musser MP3 Audio 
Soteriology How Permanent Is Your Salvation? Hank Lindstrom MP3 Audio 
Soteriology Once Saved Always Saved Bob Wilkin MP3 Audio 
Soteriology Salvation Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 12 [50-61] 
Soteriology Salvation William E. Wenstrom, Jr. MP3 Audio, Video 13 
Soteriology Soteriology Drue Freeman MP3 Audio, Video 12 
Soteriology Soteriology - The Doctrine of Salvation Andy Woods MP3 Audio, Video 58 
Soteriology Sufficient is the Lamb Jack Hyles MP3 Audio 
Soteriology The Blood of the Lamb Jack Hyles MP3 Audio 
Soteriology The Cross Throughout the Scriptures Robert R. McLaughlin MP3 Audio 32 
Soteriology The Goodness of God Leadeth to Repentance Jack Hyles MP3 Audio 
Soteriology The Gospel Chester A. McCalley MP3 Audio 
Soteriology The Gospel Preached to Abraham Martin R. DeHaan MP3 Audio 
Soteriology The Price for the Church Jack Hyles MP3 Audio 
Soteriology The Sufficiency of Christ Tom Adams MP3 Audio 
Soteriology Truth and Clarity in the Gospel Tom Adams MP3 Audio 
Soteriology Ye Must Be Born Again Tom Malone, Sr. MP3 Audio 
Spiritual Growth Christian Growth Chester A. McCalley MP3 Audio 13 
Spiritual Growth Renovate Your Thinking R. B. Thieme III MP3 Audio 
Spiritual Growth Spiritual Growth David Roseland MP3 Audio 23 
Spiritual Growth Spiritual Life: How Does a Christian Grow? Robert L. Dean, Jr. MP3 Audio, Video 
Spirituality Rebound William E. Wenstrom, Jr. MP3 Audio 11 
Spirituality Spirituality Rick Hughes [Evangelist] MP3 Audio 
Strange Bible Passages Angel of the Lord Killing 185,000 Assyrian Soldiers JB Bond MP3 Audio 
Strange Bible Passages Balaam and the Talking Donkey JB Bond MP3 Audio 
Strange Bible Passages Elijah and the Flaming Chariot JB Bond MP3 Audio 
Strange Bible Passages Jesus' Miracles - Walking on Water JB Bond MP3 Audio 
Strange Bible Passages Melchizedek and the Heavenly Priesthood JB Bond MP3 Audio 
Strange Bible Passages Raising the Dead - Resuscitation Versus Resurrection JB Bond MP3 Audio 
Strange Bible Passages The Third Heaven and Paradise JB Bond MP3 Audio 
Systematic Theology Chafer Systematic Theology Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 67 
Systematic Theology Geisler Systematic Theology Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 81 
Systematic Theology Systematic Theology S. Lewis Johnson, Jr. MP3 Audio 126 
Theological Method The Difference Between Dispensationalism and Progressive Dispensationalism Tommy Ice MP3 Audio 
Theological Method Theological Method and John Nelson Darby David Roseland MP3 Audio, Video 
Theology Proper God Robert L. Bolender, Jr. MP3 Audio 15 [21-35] 
Theology Proper The Love of God Lewis Sperry Chafer MP3 Audio 
Things Ark of the Covenant Gary Glenney MP3 Audio 32 
Things Tabernacle Robert L. Dean, Jr. MP3 Audio, Video 18 
Timeline Prophecy and Chronology Ken Johnson Video 
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