Daniel's Vision of the "KINGS OF THE NORTH AND SOUTH"

posted Nov 4, 2016, 7:54 AM by Basic Bible Doctrine   [ updated Nov 4, 2016, 7:54 AM ]
While in his previous vision of the Ram and the He-Goat Daniel foresaw that the Kingdom of Alexander the Great would be divided into Four Kingdoms (Thrace, Macedonia, Egypt, and Syria) and that out of one of them would come the "Antichrist," he was not told at that time which one it would be, but 20 years later, in B.C. 533, he had another vision in which he saw two kings warring against each other. One was called the "King of the North," the other the "King of the South." Dan 11:1-45. This chapter is one of the most wonderfully minute as to prophetic details of any chapter in the Bible. It corresponds exactly with the profane history of the kings of Egypt and Syria for over 350 years. From verse 5 to verse 31 we have an account of what is called the "wars" of the "Kings of the North" (Syria) and of the "Kings of the South" (Egypt). These end with the close of the reign of Antiochus Epiphanes [of the Syrian division], B.C. 164. Verses 32-35 cover the whole period from, B.C. 164 down to the "Time of the End," i.e., the end of the Times of the Gentiles. At verse 36 "The Wilful King" (Antichrist) appears, and from that verse down to the end of the Book of Daniel, we have an account of what is to befall Daniel's People [the Jews] in the "Latter Days." This vision of the "King of the North" (Syria), and of the "King of the South" (Egypt), in which the "King of the North" prevailed, revealed to Daniel that Antichrist would arise in the "Syrian" division of Alexander's Kingdom, for the description of the "King of the North" corresponded with the description of the "Little Horn" that came up on one of the "Four Horns" of the He-Goat, and also with the "Little Horn" that came up among the "Ten Horns" on the head of the Fourth Beast. Thus to Daniel was revealed the whole course of the "Times of the Gentiles."